Notes on the WSET Diploma, Week 5.5: Studying

Posted By Chris Kaplonski on Nov 16, 2015

Today is a study day. Or something. I didn’t have to go to London this morning, which meant I could sleep in. Well, until 7 at any rate, which counts as sleeping in in my world. I’m presuming it is designed as a study day since our first Unit exam – Unit 2, Wine Production, is next week. (Exam! Ack!) Of course, along with studying, I have to go to a staff meeting, prep and give a lecture on anthropological research methods, and start prepping for a lecture tomorrow on social memory theory.

I’m calling this post Week 5.5 since I didn’t post anything last week. The morning was on the wine trade, so things like import numbers. Important perhaps, but not particularly interesting. Then a workshop on thinking about the Unit 1 Case Study, which is next June. So plenty of time to neglect that. There was a sherry tasting in the afternoon, but I missed that, as I had to run back to Cambridge to give the first of my lectures on anthropological research methods for non-anthropologists. In short, I didn’t really have anything to say about last week, either in terms of course content or anthropological reflections. But I didn’t want too many weeks to go by before I posted again.

So – studying. Not doing nearly enough of it. Doing the mental switch from fieldwork / student to Lecturer this term has been a bit harder than I expected. But I think the looming exam will help concentrate attention a bit more this week. But I also presume, me being me, I’d never be happy with the amount of preparation I do for the exam. I took the practice exam this morning, and got a 70 – a solid Merit, and well about the 55 needed to pass. But I’m not particularly happy or relieved. I’d be happy with a Merit for the exam. I was pleasantly surprised to do that well on the practice exam. That’s not the issue. Rather, it was not feeling as comfortable or confident with the material as I’d like. So I’ll end this post here, and get back to revising for the exam. Wish me and my classmates luck next Monday!

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