Posts made in June, 2017

So. That was it. The Big One. Sort of a final exam for the WSET Diploma, or at least, that’s how I think of it. Not just because it is the last exam you take. Assuming, of course, you actually pass the other ones. It is also the longest of the exams, and one of only two units where you can fail half and only have to retake that half. (For the curious, the other unit is Unit One, on business, where you are assessed by an exam, and an...

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Upcoming panel discussion

Posted By on Jun 8, 2017

Consider this rather advance notice, but the Less Sociable Half will be taking part in a panel discussion sponsored by the Cambridge Global Food Security research initiative, the University of Cambridge Conservation Research Institute and the Forum for Sustainability and the Environment. The discussion is part of the University of Cambridge’s Festival of Ideas, and we’ll be at the David Attenborough Building, (New Museums...

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