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I’ve written about orange wine before (See here). This is about a different aspect of it – orange wine and expectations. Over the course of doing various wine tastings, I’ve noticed something that intrigues me. Not only does orange wine not follow ‘the rules’ in how it is made, it also doesn’t really follow them in terms of how people react to it. By this, I mean that, as a general rule, people tend to prefer what they know. So you’d...

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Mongolian cheese

Posted By on Feb 4, 2016

Yes, that’s one of the things I’m writing about now. Or will be shortly. I had meant yesterday to post a short note saying ‘Sorry for the silence – been busy with grant applications, writing new lectures and so forth. I still am, but last new lecture is written, and the current grant I’m working on is due tomorrow. So hopefully I have more time in the coming weeks to devote to this blog. I have several ideas I’ve been wanting to write...

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