Autumnal Update

Posted By Chris Kaplonski on Nov 30, 2017

While the blog has been quieter than I had planned (as almost always!) for much longer than it should have, Anthroenology continues apace.  I’m not going to go into the various behind the scenes bits and pieces. I’ll save those for when they are ready. But there are some things to mention. First, the general stuff:  

The More Sociable Half (aka Julia) has been busy with her photography and design work. Check it (and like) the Facebook page here.  I’ve been lecturing at Brunel University. For those who have never done it, lecturing is something that takes more time and energy than you might think. It’s not just the actual lecturing (or the 2&1/2 hour commute each way), but also the prep time, which can be considerable. I’ve also been delving more deeply into the life and writings of Rudolf Steiner and biodynamics more generally, trying to understand the basis for the system so many of the winemakers we work with use.

Apart from that, AE (as we abbreviate ourselves) has done a few things. In order: The More Sociable Half ran a South African wine-tasting in mid-October. (I still need to convince her to do a write-up.) The Less Sociable Half took part in a panel at the end of October entitled ‘What’s stopping your diet being more sustainable?’ This was part of the University of Cambridge’s ‘Festival of Ideas,’ a arts, humanities and social sciences public engagement event. You can read about the panel here and here. Most recently, I – in my role as the wine half of Insects & Wine – helped run an evening sponsored by the Trinity College Wine Society and the Cambridge Food Security Forum on, well, Insects and Wine. There’s a blog-post (at Insects & Wine) coming soon. I’ll either repost it, or at least provide a link to it when it goes up.

Coolest, and probably most importantly, of all, AE now has a logo, and postcard-sized business cards. I asked Julia for something we could hand out to people whom we work with, and at events. Not business cards in the usual sense, but something with pictures that would hopefully capture people’s attention and get them interested in Anthroenology. The front and back are below – I’m very happy with them. 


The front of the Anthroenology business card. Design by Julia Leijola, crappy photo by Chris Kaplonski.

The back of the Anthroenology business card, with new logo. Design by Julia Leijola, crappy photo by Chris Kaplonski.


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