Mongolian cheese

Posted By Chris Kaplonski on Feb 4, 2016

Yes, that’s one of the things I’m writing about now. Or will be shortly. I had meant yesterday to post a short note saying ‘Sorry for the silence – been busy with grant applications, writing new lectures and so forth. I still am, but last new lecture is written, and the current grant I’m working on is due tomorrow. So hopefully I have more time in the coming weeks to devote to this blog. I have several ideas I’ve been wanting to write up, and see how they work – or don’t.

But yesterday I was also asked (and agreed) to write a piece on Mongolian cheese for the forthcoming Oxford Companion to Cheese. So, something else – albeit a quite short and fun-sounding something – to keep me from giving as much time as I’d like to the blog.

Nonetheless, I will be back to posting in the near-ish future, so, as they say: Watch this space.

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